Keep Medicines Out of Dog's Reach

Maybe is practical to leave your medicine on your lamp table, but they are at reach for your dog. Medicines are the first cause of poisoning, for which they must be kept out of reach (for animals and children)If. You have any in your purse, be sure its always closed. When taking any kind of medicine, be sure you don't spill any, dogs will beat it faster than can you react.

Beware of Electric Cables: For you they are only electric cables, for a puppy or even for an adult dog, they can be toys. They are dangerous, if the dog bites them. They can suffer from serious burns i the mouth and even a heart attack. Puppies tend to bite cables and to pull from them and, although they can loose this habit, some will never do. To avoid problems, cover or hide all the cables in sight.

Hide the food for Human Consumption: The food, bones and dishes that come out of the oven are like magnets to dogs hear them. Some dogs that steal pieces of food just done suffer from serious burns on the mouth or, if the piece is too big, they can even choke themselves. The dog's stomach can't stand sudden changes on his diet, for which you should avoid giving him to much food of human consumption. Chocolates, specially melted, contains bromine, very dangerous for dogs. Avoid for him to fall in the temptation keeping the food out of his reach, even if you go out the room for a few minutes.

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