Keep Out - Beware Of Dog

It's usual for dogs to be jealous of other incoming dogs in the house. And when they are jealous, discussions begin. Keep out of the way when both dogs fight to gain a position. Instead, move away without showing any reaction towards the jealous dog. This will make him understand that his conduct won't get him any where. Avoid punishing them, this can cause another fight and will make the inferior dog feel bad.

Show Him the Prize: Dogs feel jealous because they think that the new dog will steal your affection for him. One way of changing his way of thinking is to pet him and fondle him when the new person or animal is near. For example, if you've just had the child, give him lots of affection when being with the baby. The rest of the time ignores him. After a time, the dog will relate the baby with getting affection and the jealousy will disappear.

Be As Always: When you can, try to be with your dog as you were before, take for walks, bathe and brush him as always. Dogs follow always the same routines and associates the changes in his life with the new corners. To maintain things like always will help him understand that even if there are changes in the house, with respect to him nothing has changed.

Teach Him How to Relate: Since he is a puppy, start preparing him to face all the possible changes that he could experiment along his life. This way, when the times come he will be reacting better. Make him play with other puppies. Present him to guests and let him be with children and don't permit him to attract all the attention, not even when a puppy. When he gets used to be one more in the family, it will be easy for him to relate with new comers.

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