Leave Dog Inside the House

Even if you have a fenced back yard, it isn't a good idea to leave your dog there if you are not near. The combination of images and sounds and the annoyance of being alone can make them bark for hours. It's better to leave him inside the house when you go out. Or a least keep him inside at hours in which he may bark too much, for example, when the children return from school or when the mail man is do to gone.

Get him tired: Dogs that have too much energy and don't go out so much usually bark a lot, simply because he is bored and needs some emotion. If he does more exercise he will get tired and, is less possible for him to bark. Play with your dog as much as possible. For example, throwing a ball or a flying disc. This way you will avoid the barking because an excess of energy or from boredom.

Get Someone to Help You: When you go out to work or shopping, your dog stays alone for hours. Dogs beg for company and being alone can cause them stress and isolation, sensations that they try to ease by barking. If you can't be with him during the day, hire a dog caretaker or some neighbor to go once or twice a day to your house and take him for a walk. The exercise will tire him and the company will end the boredom and the barking will stop.

Give Him Something to Do: Sometimes dogs, as same as we, get bored of being alone. A way to maintain him entertained is to give him toys. Experts usually recommend toys made of hollow rubber for those dogs that bark too much. These toys can be filled with cottage cheese or peanut butter. Dogs tend to pass hours trying to get the treats inside the toys. This will keep them happy and busy and, they wouldn't bark.

Send Him to School: Barking dogs are usually very bored. Experts recommend teaching them rules of obedience. This training makes him think that he has a work to do in life (to obey his owner), which serves to calm his anxiety and avoid boredom. This training offers the dog a purpose and a series of techniques for use in his daily life.

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