Dog Licking and Biting His Skin

Dogs lick themselves when cleaning its fur and to ease an itching but some don't really know to stop. The will lick and bite themselves so much that they will finish injuring its skin, and even producing inflammations and infections. They also lick themselves when bored or stressed. If they lick and bite all over their body it may be that he suffers from an allergy or that he is disturbed. If the irritation affects all his body or head, do something to avoid the dog from licking and biting himself. To attain the healing skin.

Start Fighting Against Fleas: For dogs that are sensible to fleas, is enough with one sting or two, to start licking and biting himself furiously.

It's worth taking some time for combing his hair with a comb against fleas with thin teeth and observe if there are parasites or sandy particles that resemble a fat pepper grain. That is the best way to see what fleas leave behind.

If you don't find any fleas, bathe the dog with a shampoo against fleas and apply after some powders or an insecticide that contains piretrinas, or a new product as frontline or advantage. Also you should fumigate your house and surroundings with an insecticide to kill the eggs, larvae and adult fleas. If the dog stops licking and biting himself, you have probably found the solution. But don't expect for this to happen. Immediately, sometimes you have to wait 5 or 6 days the itching to stop and for your dog at last stop from licking and biting its skin.

Distract His Attention: If you see that your dog is licking or biting itself, distract him by giving him something else to bite, like a plastic toy. If he is licking himself because he is bored or stressed, you will attain for him to center its energy on other thing that of his skin.

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