Dog Diarrhea Home Remedy: Maintain the Same Diet

People get tired of eating the same and supposedly also do dogs. A simple dog diarrhea home remedy fact is most of the dogs like to eat the same food everyday and that is very good for his digestive apparatus. A sudden change in its food habits is a cause for diarrhea. If you want to change food products, do it progressively. During a week or more, alternate his usual food the new one. Continue add little by little the new food until only this last prevails. Maybe during or two its feces will be soft, but it will eventually return to normal.

Watch Your Kitchen: Everyday there are more people that buying dog food and start to substitute them with home foods. They like it, but they are not always good for them. Milk, cheese and other lacteous are the usual cause for dogs diarrhea. Dogs can be less tolerant to lacteous than us.

Avoid Giving Them Eggs: Many people mix an egg into the dogs food because they thing that it's good for their hair. But, the only thing they do is to add to the risk of suffering salmonelosis, a type of intoxication that can cause diarrhea.

Forget food Leftovers: Don't give food leftovers from the freezer. If you don't eat it because of its bad aspect or strange odor then it also isn't good for your dog.

Keep the Cans inside the Freezer: Don't leave open cans of dog food on the shelf, there bacteria will develop and they provoke diarrhea. If he hasn't eaten all the contents of a can, put the contents inside a plastic covered receptacle and keep it in the freezer.

Hide the Trash Cans: Almost all dogs like to go through the trash in the middle of the night and the day after they pay the consequences. Even if you can't modify his appetite, you can avoid him the temptation. To be sure, leave the trash cans well covered and behind closed doors, including in the kitchen.

Observe the Water: Clean the water receptacle every day, due that dental bacteria accumulated there can cause diarrhea. And prevent him from drinking outside. Dogs can get virulent or bacterial infections when drinking in a pond or in dirty receptacles on the yard. Overall, be careful with the protozoan giardia, that live usually in stanch waters.

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