How to Make a Dog Eat

The most important thing is for the dog to eat. It seems simple, but if your veterinary recommends another food and your dog won't eat it, keeps on with his usual diet because if not, the only thing that could happen is for your dog to get even more sicker than before.

Give a Dog First Quality Proteins: Many dogs that suffer from hepatic and renal diseases feel better when they take less proteins but of better quality. Some foods on sale in the market contain the adequate type of proteins. Your veterinary may also recommend to you, to prepare home made foods. Though the total amount of protein in the diet is important, the type is most. The proteins that you can find in dairy products, like cottage cheese are better than the ones found in eggs. Soybean flour and maize flour proteins can cause fewer problems that the proteins contained in meats.

Give your dog More Fiber: Recent studies show that increasing the fiber on the diet helps to fight hepatic problems.

Bit By Bit Introduce Changes In the dog's Diet: Do it always in a gradual way, mixing some of the new food with the old one and see that he accepts this change. Don't make any important changes in his diet without consulting before with your veterinary.

Make your dog Eat Frequently: The liver works more after eating, when great amounts of proteins, fats and other nutrients are flowing in the blood. If you give him three or four light meals per day instead of one or two heavy meals, his liver will work slower, for which he will be kept healthier.

Encourage your dog to Drink: Dogs that suffer from renal problems usually produce much urine because the kidneys can't recycle the liquids as it should. This can cause the dog to loose more liquids than that they ingest, which affects the kidneys and can provoke dehydration.

Don't let his water receptacle to be empty. You should do everything possible for your dog to introduce more liquids in his body. If he doesn't feel like drinking, put some chicken broth in his water or in his food.

Hide the Antifreeze: One of the simplest ways to prevent renal problems is to maintain the dog away from the anti-freezer. This product causes most of the sudden renal problems. It's not enough to keep the bottle out of his reach, because he can also lick the anti-freezer from a puddle under the car. Be sure to keep your car in the best of conditions to prevent this.

Take Advantage of the Annual Check Ups: Though years can go by until the hepatic and renal problems reveals any evident symptoms, your veterinary can detect the disease any symptoms appear with a simple analysis of blood and urine.

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