Take your Dog Swimming

If he likes water, swimming is a good exercise, due that it permits him to do all types of movements with the articulations and the muscles. And, water reduces the pressure over the articulations.

Observe His Weight: Dogs that are fat are more inclined to suffer from arthritis than thin ones. And for those who already have it. A few kilograms more will suppose more pressure on the articulations, which will cause a quicker wearing off of them. Moreover than the additional exercise, the only way to loose weight is to give him less food. It is recommended to reduce in a 10% or 20% its food. If he doesn't loose any weight after 2 or 3 weeks reduce its food even more. If he continues to be fat, consult with your veterinary the actions to take. His gaining of weight is not only due to the amount of food he eats, but of what kind of food we give them. Giving him cookies and the remainders of food from your table will only give him extra calories that will sooner or later show on his weight. Try to reduce this kind of "additional". By giving him instead, for example, raw carrots.

Make Him Sleep on a Comfortable Place: Every dog likes to sleep on comfortable places. But for those who suffer from arthritis it is a need. It is recommend to buy for them, an orthopedic foam on sale in pet shops and by catalogue. Also, because the arthritis gets worst when cold. It is convenient to move his bed to a warmer place.

Cover Him: His fur coat maintains the dog warm. But when the articulations are in pain and there is a bit of cold, you should put him a sweater or a dog's overcoat. This will give a little more of heat and will isolate him from the cold thus keeping his articulations flexible.

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