Change a Dog Diet

food allergies produce lots of itching, for which the dog will lick and bite himself without stopping. Dogs that have it can suffer from frequent skin infections. The only way to fight them is to modify the diet. Give him food with none of the ingredients present in its actual diet and other typo of proteins. This can result complicated. Due that most of the dogs foods contain the same kind of proteins, as is of chicken, veal, dairy products and cereals, but in the pet shops you can also buy hypoallergenic foods that contain "unusual" proteins, as of fish, deer or rabbit. During one week or ten days, substitute little by little the old diet with the new one, to avoid giving him a diarrhea, once the old diet has been totally substituted, wait 12 weeks. If he has stopped licking and biting him, you have probably found the solution. During the substitution period, he mustn't eat anything else besides his foot or, take any kind of chewable vitamins or filariasis tablets. They might contain the substances we are trying to avoid.

Keep Him Company: Loneliness is a frequent cause for anxiety. Your dog needs company, but if you and your family are always out of your house for most part of the day, the dog can refuge into himself. To acquire another dog to keep him company and to play with him. This way he won't lick himself for feeling lonely. If you don't have or want another dog, pay someone to take him for walks, play with and to care for him while nobody is at home.

Don't Lock Him In: Dogs can get bored and stressed for being look in for two much time, cause for which sometimes they lick and bite themselves to make front to its emotions. When ever possible keep him active or immerse in family activities. The less time alone, the less he will lick and bite himself.

Augment Its Activities: Dogs have much energy and prefer to use it catching balls or going on walks with you. If not, he will take refuge within itself and start licking and biting himself. To avoid this from happening, take him for walks or play with him. If you maintain him occupied, at the end of the day he will be so tired that he won't even think of licking and biting himself.

Protect His Skin: Dogs tend to lick always the same area and many times provoke serious inflammations on the skin that are called glanulomas., this take a long time to heal. The glanulomas usually appear on the inferior side of legs between the wrist and the elbow. If you can make your dog not to bite that area, he will heal alone. Maybe you should bandage the zone or put the dog a cone collar. This way you will keep the dog from licking the area making the inflammation to heal the glanulomas are usually deep and tend to get infected, for which you should carefully examine the area. If the inflammation doesn't disappear in two weeks, go immediately to the veterinary.

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