It results natural to indulge your dog by giving him treats now and then, but it is easy to go beyond the limits, reason for which many dogs are fat. All those extra kilograms can finish with his life. Obese dogs have more risks to suffer cardiac problems than those that are fit. They are also inclined to suffer skin and respiratory problems, such as serious diseases as arthritis or diabetes.

Dogs usually get a little fatter when in the growing process, because its metabolism turns slower with age. But it is worth to maintain him fit. It doesn't matter if he gains two to six kilograms. The thing is that he should weight as he did when one year old.

A dog doesn't have to gain weight when castrated. The age isn't important either, nor the food do do you buy for him. The principal reason for him to get fatter is that you indulge him with too much food and special treats.

To know if he is obese, look at his belly. It should form an ascendant curve from the thorax to the tail. After you study your dog from behind: you should see a kind of a waist in the part in which the sides join the ribs. If your dog looks like a cylinder seen from behind, he is too fat.

Take your dog to the veterinary before putting him on a diet regimen to find out what is causing this gain of weight and to discard any disease. The formula to reduce weight is so simple for them as for us. He must ingest less calories and burn more by doing exercises. However, he won't do it by his own will. He needs help from his personal trainer. That means you, to establish the rhythm. Here is how to do it.

Make Him Eat Less But More Often: Start by reducing the quantity in a 20%. It is probable that the dog takes its meals seriously, and even a small reduction can make him feel like starving. A way to make him feel satisfied is by giving him food often. But in small quantities. Maybe your dog will not feel he is eating less.

Make dog Eat Slower: If your dog follows you with a sad look after having eaten all on his receptacle, don't think he needs more food. Dogs usually eat fast and then asks for more. Make your dog have fun with its food by dividing it into two or three smaller rations. Put them in different places. This way he will think that he is eating more.

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