Dog Ocular - Eye Problems

Ocular problems are always frightening, due that the sense of sight is very much appreciated. But this organ is very strong, for which ocular problems usually can be cured if attended with time. Although, dogs don't depend so much on the sight as we do, for which they may suffer from ocular problems for years without us being awake of it. Dogs compensate this deficiency with other senses. However, if you know what to look for, easy to detect this kind of problems.. A bloodstained eye, for example, can be a sign of glaucoma that is a rising of the ocular pressure. Another serious problem is the dry eye, that is, lack of tears as usual. Dog who suffer from dry eyes usually have pus in the ocular globe and must be treated immediately by the veterinarian.

A more normal problem is the conjunctivitis that causes an inflammation of the white of the eye and of the eyelids. The eyes look sore, swollen, and reddish and sometimes they suppurate. The usual cause is an allergies or a slight irritation and, generally, is not serious. Also, any small sharpened object can damage the cornea, the transparent exterior zone of the eye. Cornea injuries are very normal on dogs. This injuries cause dogs to become sensible to light and for their eyes to cry. To try to prevent simple ocular problems, here are some recommendations from the veterinarians.

Take the Filth Out: If you observe something inside his eyes, wash it with saline solution. It's best to use one without conservers, due that dogs are sometimes sensible to them. You can also use artificial tears or n ophthalmologic pomade. Before putting the drops or the pomade, get someone to help you hold the dog. Take him by the chin with his snout pointing up. The dog automatically will look downwards to protect the cornea. Raise his upper eye lid carefully and put a drop in his eye. If you are using pomade, apply directly on the eye. Massage both eyelids lightly to extend the pomade around all the eye surface. After give him a gift for being a good patient.

Don't Extract the Object: If there is a strange body on the cornea and you can't take it out when cleaning the eye with the saline solution, take him immediately to the veterinarian. Never try to extract any particle that stands out from the eye. If it isn't extracted in a correct way, you can damage the eye and cause bacteria to get in. Keep on cleaning the eye with saline solution until you can take him to the veterinary.

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