Fight Dog Fleas: Pass the Vacuum Cleaner

The most effective way to eradicate all the fleas and its eggs is to pass the vacuum cleaner through all the rooms in the house and especially through the places in which the dog uses for rest or sleep. You can eliminate a great quantity in just a few minutes. When finished with the vacuum cleaner, throw the bag even if it is half full. If not, all the fleas inside will escape and all will start again. Pass the vacuum cleaner before using the insecticide, due that this will stimulate the chrysalis to come out of the eggs making it easier to kill with the pulverize afterwards.

Finish Them: Even if you don't like using chemical products, the only way to be sure of finishing with fleas is using an insecticide or an insect growth regulator, or both. These products are secure for people and animals. Also, they are active during 18 months, for which you won't have to use them too often. You can acquire them in any pet shop or by catalogue. You can use a medical insecticide or a "bomb" against fleas. Insecticides are more effective because you can apply them uniformly. Repeat this process during several weeks to eliminate the fleas that survived the previous applications.

Put It in the Washing Machine: Wash the dog's bed clothes with hot water once a week to eradicate fleas and eggs. If he sleeps on a rug or on a mattress which are difficult to wash, put on top something easy to wash, as is a bed sheet or a towel if he sleeps with you, wash also your bed clothing.

Put Some Powder: An effective weapon for fighting against fleas is the tierra diatomacea, on sale in pet shops. It consists of microscopic seaweed that attacks and eradicates the capas cerosas (wax layers?) of the fleas, which causes the dryness and death of these parasites. Extend this powder in a periodic way on rugs, furniture and floors. Let it be for a few days and then pass the vacuum cleaner. The seaweed in the powders stay active during several months. Put a mask and spectacles when vacuum cleaning to avoid shall particles from penetrating your eyes and lungs.

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