Poor Domestic Hygiene with Dogs

Urine puddles are a usual risks you when owning a puppy, but when well educated adult dog stains the house like that, you must find out why. These accidents usually happen when the dog can't go outside r when there are physical problems. Some physical problems, difficult the retention. But, these accidents usually happen when dogs are lock in for too much time. Even an adult dog can't be without urinating during a whole day. Whatever the reason is for your dogs change of conduct, to do its necessities inside the house is a very complicated problem and must be resolve immediately.

Change from place his eating receptacle: Dogs don't like to do its necessities hear the place he eats. If you put his food on his favorite place to urinate, he will stop using that place. Keep on doing this until he does its needs in the proper place.

Make Him Used To Being Locked: Dogs don't like to soil the place where they sleep. If you lock him when going out, you will encourage him to wait until you return and take him out to do its needs. If he has never been locked, talk before with a dog trainer or the veterinary. Most of the dogs don't care, but the first time to some dogs can leave sequels. Once they get used to it. Most of them enjoy it.

Eliminate Odors: Dogs are attracted to the smell of urine and usually go back to the "crime" scene, unless you eliminate the odor. Cleaning products worsen things because the ammoniac odor is similar to that of the urine. It's best to put an odor neutralize that you can buy in a pet shop. Or you can put lemon balm twice a week on the places the dog has urinated. The smell, this extract expels will keep him away from that place.

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