Interesting Dog Food Preparation

Some dogs like to eat the same food every day. Others begin to have refinements with the same food because they want variety. Prepare interesting foods, for example, mixing dehydrated food with fresh ones or giving him one type of dog food in the mornings and other at nights. Nothing is going to happen if you give them once in a while some special treat, overall when they temporarily loose their appetite because they are not feeling well. One way to make him eat is by putting some parmesan cheese on his food. Or you can give him some powdered lyophilized liver or some chicken broth.

Choose Strong Odors: The smell also has much to do with the culinary charm, so try to make him foods with strong odors. Canned food are the ones with stronger odors, follow by the semi-dehydrated while the dehydrated is the one that smells less. Canned foods contain meat, fish and cereals, some more aromatic than others. You will have to find out which he likes best. While a product elaborated with liver can be of his taste, one elaborate with chicken might not impress him.

Dangerous Fancies: Even dogs that don't touch their food have a fancy for a delicious treat. For this reason, people sometimes try to seduce them a little bit of chocolate, the most delicious treat of all. Dogs like chocolate, but it is one of the worst foods that a dog may ingest. Chocolate contains a component called Theo bromine, that can cause serious diarrhea. Melted chocolate is very bad for them because it contains 9 more times of Theo bromine than a milk chocolate. The problem with chocolate is that, furthermore than its taste, is the good smell it has. Dogs can smell from far away in a room and will do anything to taste it. Keep chocolates out of reach, sight and smell from the dog.

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