Dog Tick Removal & How to Avoid Ticks: Prevention Problems

Ticks as everywhere for which it's almost impossible to evade them. If your dog is outdoors for a long time, sooner or later he will return home with one or two ticks. To be free of them before they stick to dog's skin, here is what veterinarians recommend.

Examine Dog Frequently: In difference with fleas, that when jumping so fast you barely see them, the ticks stay in one point, which makes it easy to find, examine your dog frequently, overall if you live in the country. Ticks stick to the body, but overall on the areas with little hair, that is, around the ears, between the toes and on the belly. Though the adult ticks are found and seen easily, the young ones (called nymphs) are a little bigger than a seed from a poppy. The easiest way to detect tem is by combing the hair of your dog with a comb with thin pricks and while doing it look black little dots on the skin. If you find ticks that haven't yet adhered to the skin, retire them with the comb and drown them in alcohol or in insecticide.

Try a Double Treatment: There exist a medicine against fleas known as frontline, that, when applied on the loin, is also effective against ticks. Even if the tick attains to adhere to the skin, the active components of frontline will make them loosen their grip before 24 hours have gone by, before any disease transmission to the dog. Apply frontline once a month to protect your pet from fleas and ticks.

Leave Dog in a Sunny Area: Does usually like resting in the shadow. But unfortunately, he will probably have company. Ticks hate the sun. They look for fresh vegetation zones, with bushes or grown grass that covers the terrain due that it is not recommended for your dog to play in full sunshine. Let him play on an open field before the sun is at its highest or when the sun is setting. The risk to attract tick is less here than under a tree.

Take Care of the Lawn: If you cut the lawn often, there will be less humidity retained and it will receive more sunshine, which will keep the ticks out. Don't forget to trim well around trees and fences. Don't expose the doormat to the ticks, always shake until clean.

Finish With Rodents: Young ticks attack rodents first before getting comfortable with dogs. Finish with the rodents in your yard while fighting against ticks. For it, retire all the stones, bushes, piles of wood and other rubbish where rodents could hide. Put birdhouses far away from the house, seeds also attracts rodents.

Watch Out With Walks: When taking the dog for a walk, protect him with a product against fleas that contains piretrinas. Or put on him when back from the walk and then examine him.

Protect your Dog with a Collar: Put him a collar with an active component called amitraz that repels ticks.

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