Problems of Dog Paws and Nails

Your dog's paws are very resisting. On winter, they can walk over dented ice or on the salt of the highways. On summer they walk on hot pavements. Splinters and pricks. Its tanned surface goes through any kind of climate situations, but, the same as a pair of good boots. They aren't forever and finally suffer from cuts or inflammations. Not only are the paws vulnerable. Another problematic area are the nails. Canine nails grow very fast and when long they can break paw problems can be very painful. But they are easy to treat at home. If you take some minutes a week to care for them. His paws will be healthy and strong during all the year.

Touch Its Paws: Even dogs that stay still when being brushed or bathed; show themselves disturbed when trying to examine their pains and cutting their nails. Some get furious, for which sometimes its necessary the presence of two people.

Most of the dogs are not used to be touched on the paws. The only way to do it is to begin step by step. First try to touch slightly one paw and then praise him for letting you do it. If you do this several times a day, he will get used to the contact and it will be less probable for him to deny you.

With time, keep on touching, two, and three and at last the four paws. When he gets to accept this, you can start by touching his toes and nails this areas are complicated, so don't expect to attain permission easily. But if you keep on trying, little by little he will understand there is nothing to fear.

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