Problems with the Anal Sacs

As humans shake their hands to say hello, dogs shell their rear. Each one has an special odor and to shell it is a way to say hello. How are you?. This odor originated in the anal sacs, two deposits situated at each side of the anus that contains a liquid that emits this odor. When they do their necessities, some of this liquid comes out, which permits them to delight their territory and presents himself to other dogs. This way they will know who has been around. The sacs tend to empty without any problems. But sometimes the liquid is retained and then there is an obstruction. This is due to, overall in shall dogs, the orifice of the sacs are too small to permit the liquid to come out. On some occasions, the feces aren't sufficiently firm to exercise the necessary pressure on the sacs, or the liquid is to thick to be expelled. Whatever the cause is, the accumulation of liquid causes a swelling of the sacs, which causes discomfort. The anal sacs can also get infected. Dogs that suffer this problem tend to lick this area for an instant mitigation. They also roll on the floor and scratch their ear. The problem is that sometimes this zone gets more irritated.

To Provide Relief: Obstructed anal sacs are not pleasant. But they usually aren't serious. They are generally easy to treat. You only have to extract the liquid to ease the pressure. Most of the people take their dogs to the veterinary, but it's not so hard to resolve this problem at home. Here is how you can do it. To squeeze the anal sacs takes a bit of time, so make yourself comfortable. Small dogs are easier to handle on top of a table covered with new paper. Big dogs and be treated on a bath tub or in the shower.

  • To keep your hands clean, use cast away gloves. Lubricate with Vaseline the globes fingers. You will also need paper handkerchiefs or cotton balls to pick the extracted liquid from the sacs.
  • Get someone to help you hold the dog putting an arm around his neck and the other around the abdomen. Dogs don't like being touched on rear, for which you will need help to keep him still.
  • The anal sacs are found at both side of the anus, a little lower. Give pressure with the fingers behind the sac and "milk" carefully most of the cases, liquid will come out. You can squeeze one sac at a time or both at the same time. But do it carefully. Because if you press too hard you may damage the sac and provoke a hemorrhage or other problems.
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