Treat Arthritis in Dog

Dogs won't permit arthritis to bother them when its time to eat, but on some cases crouching to eat will provoke pain and rigidity to the neck. Some dogs are too rigid to reach its food. To make things easier, avoid putting the eating and drinking bowl on the floor, putting them, for example, on top of a not so high chair. Or, you can buy a special raised bowl for arthritic dogs.

Give Him a Hand: What results frustrating from having arthritis is that, even if you ease the pain for sometime, it always comes back. For your dog to be more comfortable when these pains come, try to help him by putting a slope near the stairways or help him to stand up on the mornings.

Give Him Relief: Veterinarians usually recommend treating the pain produced by the arthritis with an aspirin. The usual dose is of 125 milligrams for each 5 kilograms of body weight once or twice a day. Consult the veterinary before applying this dose. Give him the aspirins mixed with its foods. It's preferable that this effervescent, due that the aspirins might be too much for his stomach.

Try to apply a natural alternative: The glucose mine has proven to be very effective to treat the arthritis. It hasn't been submitted to many scientific exams, but, furthermore than having no secondary effects. It regenerates the articulations cartilages and calm the pain and inflammation. You can acquire it at health food stores, by catalogue or at the veterinary. Look for the terms of "glucose mine" and "condroitina" on the label and, ask your veterinary for what quantity to give him.

Try With A Marine Flavor: For the arthritis it is recommended to have nutritious product elaborated with lyophilized mussel. This will offer support to the conjunctive tissue. Products with this extract have a sea odor and can be acquired at pet shops or in catalogues.

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