Home Remedy & Care for Dog Rash

If a dog itches from something, he scratches himself, although sometimes it is harmless, some dogs don't know when to stop. The more he scratches, licks and bits, the more it itches and the more irritated the affected zone gets. This can cause the appearance of an eruptions are formed when bacteria extend themselves in between the pilous follicles from the zone in which you scratch, which cause the skin to peel and get inflame. The unceasing itching that produces the eruption can be due to many causes,. Like a tangled hair, the sting of a mosquito or the obstruction of the anal sacs. It results surprising how fast they augment in size. A rash can get to be the size of dish after 12 or 24 hours. Although the appearance of eruptions can result preoccupying, they only affect the first layer of skin and they heal by themselves. But can cure them faster and ease the itching it produces.

Cut and Clean: The aspect of the eruptions get worst when hairs on the zone get tangled hair covers the swollen area, stores heat and humidity and is an ideal place for the development of bacteria. Cut the tangled hair to be able to clean the affected zone. In this way you favor the circulation of air and the rash will disappear quicker. These small pimples can be very annoying. For which you will have to be read when the itching starts. Even the calmest dog tries to bite you when trying to touch the affected zone. For this reason, call him and if that doesn't work put him a muzzle to continue with the operation.

Clean the Zone: Use an electric shaving machine to clean from hair the affected zone and its surroundings. Don't use scissors because you might hurt the dg if he moves.

Remove the Hair: Remove the hair that has fallen over the inflame zone, put some water soluble gel on a gauze and apply over the rash. When retired, the hair will be stuck to the gauze, to remove the gel give him a bath.

Wash Dog Well: Moist a cloth with warm water and then wring, Put it over the dogs skin during 10 minutes, to free the forming crusts. Then clean carefully the affected zone. Repeat this operation 2 or 3 times a day. To eradicate bacteria, clean the eruptions with a good antiseptic. Do not use alcohol, you might hurt the dog.

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