Safe Home for a Healthy Dog

Dogs don't sin of excess of prudence. They happily investigate all the interesting things that life offers without thinking of the consequences. Your must think a little on behalf of them and make your house and its surroundings as secure as possible. The nickname of a dog should be "curious". Some are not only are they priers, but first hand gossip's as well. Add a little bit of imprudence and you will obtain a mix that, although dearly, it will give you one or two scares. If you don't want to stop its curiosity for life, make sure that he doesn't suffer any problem. Dogs devour the medicines and get near the cars because they don't see the danger. That is why is so important to get your house and surroundings fenced.

Dogs used their mouth and noses constantly to investigate the world around them. They possess a great ability to get things that we think they are incapable of. The security cork of a bottle, for example, is not an impediment for a curious dog, and a closet that seems well closed can be opened with the snout with a little bit of time and tenacity. And once they get what they want, dogs are incapable of distinguishing what is good for them and what is not. His natural instinct will make him swallow the elected object, whether it is a lot of snails or bag of potato chips.

Remember that any odor or flavor related with the human being can constitute an irresistible attraction for a dog. Just take a quick look and you will see a dog happily searching through garbage or rolling over some excrement.

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