Scary Dog illness Symptoms That Are Not Dangerous

Some symptoms seem serious, but they can generally be treated at home or least they don't have to be taken immediately to the veterinary. Some are normal n dogs:

  • Sneezing
  • The noise it makes is similar to a prolonged snort and is repetitive. They seem odd but are totally normal
  • Occasional vomits
  • Sometimes dogs vomit because of stomach disorders after eating too much or too fast
  • Broken or splintered nails
  • Nails can get caught and broken in many ways. When they break they bleed very much, but they are cured easily
  • Rotula deviation
  • Something very usual in small an miniature dogs. It looks worst than it really is. You must go to the veterinary, but it is not an emergency.
  • Tape worm fragments on the anal zone
  • They look like white rice grains and its very probable that when you first see them you will be really scared. The veterinary will prescribe some medicines to treat your dog.
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