Schedule Dog around Yourself

Dogs respond better to a fix schedule. Try to give him his food at the same hours every day and, if possible, also take him for walks at the same hour's everyday. When he knows that his hour is near, he will be anxious to follow the adequate procedures. The days that you will return late to your house, call a neighbor or a professional caretaker, to take the dog out. Lots of people that work many hours, pay a professional caretaker to take their dogs out once or twice a day

Train Him Again: Most of the dogs that start to make their needs inside the house only need to be trained. Treat him as if he were a puppy.. Take him out early in the morning. After the nap, eating, playing and before sleeping. Stay with him and praise him. If he is inside the house and begins to smell looking for a place where to do his needs, take him out immediately. Usually, in a short time they will remember his old lessons and the problem will be solved.

Make Him Know Who Is the Master: Dogs sometimes urinate inside the house to mark their territory and to establish who the boss is. Those who adopt this attitude usually have other dominant signs, as is disobeying orders. If you think your dog is trying to dominate you, quickly put a stop to it by imposing some obedience patterns. Show your authority so he will know who the master is.

Maintain Him Calm: Dogs get anxious when there is a sudden change in his routine, as is moving to another house or changing the decoration. They can get to forget what he has learned about hygiene, to accept the changes pet him and fondle him some and, make him do lots of exercise. And make sure that he knows where to do its needs.

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