Find & Detect Dog Skin Irritation

Some dogs only lick and bite a determined zone of their body because they trying to take off something that it are stuck to its hair or skin. If you observe your dog insistently licking and biting always the same zone, examine him to see what's wrong. He might have a splinter or a prick buried; take it off carefully with your fingers or with some pliers. Be careful not break them leaving a piece of them inside the skin.

Help Him Heal: Dogs center all its attention on their scratches and licking them can interfere with the process of healing and can cause an infection. Clean the small scratches and apply to them a preparation of aluminum hydroxide. Don't use any products that contain zinc, due that if the dog licks it, might be dangerous. You can also apply n antibiotic pomade to prevent any kind of infection.

Ease The Pain: Dogs that suffer from painful diseases like arthritis or of a hip displacement usually lick furiously on the affected zones. If he can't reach the area in which the pain centers, they will lick the immediate zone.

The animals that suffer from long term diseases, like arthritis, require attention from a veterinary. But on occasions you can ease the pain with simple home made medicines, like massaging the inflamed zone during 5 or 10 minutes or by applying a hot water bottle (wrapped with a towel) over the effected area.

Keep the Allergies within Bounds: If the air is heavy with pollen and the ground is full of moss, your dog might start licking and biting itself furiously. The face, feet and coin are the generally affected zones by allergies. Be sure not to let him go outside in the morning or at noon, times in which the air is most full with pollen.

Trick: A fresh water bath can ease the itching from allergies for a while. You can also use an hamamelidaceas pulverizer.

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