Dog Separation Anxiety

The relation between dog and owner can be very intense. They follow you around the house. They sleep at the feet of your bed and they get anxious when seeing you go out without them. But for some, the affection is so intense that they can't stand to see their owners go without them. This is called by experts as a separation anxiety. When the owners leave the house, dogs suffer from great anxiety and do all they can to fight against their fear. For them is stressing to be separated from the ones the cherish. Of course, most of them express their stress in a more calm way and less destructive, usually by sleeping and playing with his toys. But for those that suffer from this anxiety, to sleep and play is not an option. What they want is to end this fear and have their owners back. Teach him how to be alone without thinking he is being abandoned.

Forget Affective Farewells: When your dog is frighten, is very hard to leave the house without saying farewell without affection. Or return home and not fondle him. By doing this you are making your dog feel that this goings and comings are more important than they should be. It is better to ignore him for about 10 minutes before leaving and entering the house. If he sees that you don't give it importance, then he won't either keep him busy. Find a way for him to forget his fear. One way is by leaving him with many toys. Another way is to hide part of his food around the house for him having to find. With time he will associate your leaving with fun, or at least he won't be mad with you.

Make Him Get Tired: Dogs that are tired are usually less afraid, for which take him for a walk before leaving.

Find Him a Friend: Some dogs never get used to being alone. If you can't be all the time with him, pay a caretaker to play with him an take him for walks at least twice a day. Or put him in a pet's nursery. He won't have the company he wants but he won't be alone and will be occupied.

Consult The Expert: If none of these solutions are effective, look for professional help. A dog trainer can teach them to reinforce his confidence in himself in obedience classes.

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