How to be the Alpha Dog & Master Aggressive Dogs

On some occasions the aggressiveness of your dog is due to that he thinks you are weak at because they need to be protagonist. If you fondle him too much or if you tend to give him all he desires. He may think that he is the master and not you. And he will show himself aggressive to put you on line. It doesn't matter if he is an obstinate German shepherd or an aggressive poodle. The essential thing is to show him who's the boss in the family. This means you have to do what it seems fit to do and not what your dog wants. Make him sit before letting him go outside. Give him treats only after obeying your orders. The idea is for him to understand that he must work for you and not the other way around.

Don't Let Him Get On Top Of the furniture: It's fun to see the TV or read with your dog on the couch, and dogs like to sleep on soft places. But, there is a problem in letting them. Get on top of the furniture, when on a wild condition, the heads of the family always slept on the highest places. When permitting your dog to sleep on the couch, you are making him believe that he is your equal or worst your boss. If you don't let him get on the furniture and make him lies on the floor. You will be reinforcing the idea that he is a subordinate to the family.

Show Him the World: Some aggressiveness problems are due to the fear to the unknown, for which veterinarians recommend for dogs to get to know as much people as possible, many places and all kind of things, if possible since they are puppies. The more things and people he sees, less fear he will have and will show himself later less aggressive. Even adult dogs that have fear can learn to accept the unknown and the new situations. The obedience classes will help him to encourage his self confidence and get him used to other people and other dogs. Ad nothing happens if acting happy and secure. Dogs follow our examples. If you are calm he too will be.

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