Solving Dog Behavior Problems

Aggressiveness: The aggressiveness only a way those dogs have for communicating, as is barking or moving the tail. But its message is much more serious. The same as the human anger, it's his ways of establishing its limits. In a wild state, dogs used its aggressiveness to protect its possessions (as the food) from other dogs and to defend its litter from intruders and also to defend itself from any body damage.

However, what results acceptable in these situations, it is not inside the house. If he emits a growl when sometimes you are wear his food. Or growls to someone and tries to bite him, what he is doing are trying to adopt an attitude of control, which can be very preoccupying. The aggressiveness is the most serious problem an owner has to face and must be stopped before getting more serious. There are many different types of aggressiveness, for which the way to react to the problem depends on the type of aggressiveness he is showing. For example, dogs that bark or that threat the visits shows "protective aggressiveness". Those who threats its owners show a "dominating aggressiveness". They are trying to become the leaders of the family. And those dogs that only show their aggressiveness when frighten reflect a "frightening aggressiveness". Other dogs are only aggressive as a consequence of a "pain related aggressiveness".

Others show a "depredator aggressiveness" when they see an object goes by swiftly and they are in need of hunting it. The motive is not important, due that any type of aggression to human beings or other animals is serious. And will never disappear by it. The aggressive conduct tends to get worst with the passing of time if not controlled immediately. It is convenient to contact with a dog trainer when your dog starts to show it aggressive. But sometimes you can find a way to calm him and to show him that he has a place in your home and family.

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