Strange Object in Dog

Dogs put their heads into everything like dens or bushes in which tennis balls get stuck. Then, his ears act as vacuum cleaners, due that they pick small branches, wood shavings and even small pebbles. Most of these things usually fall off when the dogs move. But some introduce themselves into the hearing conduit and causes irritations, pain and can be dangerous.

A dog that has something on the interior of the hearing conduit, being a tick or a tiny stick, will show himself very nervous when trying to examining nearer, sometimes it will be impossible to know what is producing his annoyance. You will only be aware of the dog scratching his head or that inclines it towards the place in which the problem is. In this case, the object has introduced itself very deep and you wouldn't be able to extract it. You will have to take him to the veterinarian which who by means of an special instrument will be able to see the object and extract it.

If on the other hand, you can see the object in question, you can try to extract it with your fingers or using some round tweezers. The hemostat, are dented tweezers, also very useful to extract object from inside the ears that you can see at simple sight. You can acquire them at the pet shops, sport shops or drug stores.

Hold His Head: Get someone to hold his head and try to extract the object with your hands. He will be frightened, for which you will have to do it little by little. Extract the object with care, trying not to introduce it even more into the ear. If you can't reach it, don't make it worse by introducing it even more.

Take the Object Out: Try cleaning the ear with a spurt of water from a hose or with a grasser to extract the object. Let the water go in drop by drop when trying to extract the object.

Lubricate: When trying to extract very difficult objects, 10 or 20 drops of paraffin to lubricate them. Even if you're not able to extract it or to see it, the lubrication will serve to ease the indisposition while taking him to the veterinary.

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