Teach your dog how to be a good patient

By means of fondling, brushing and a frequent training, your dog will learn to trust your touch. This way, the veterinary and you can care better for him. Your dog will trust so much in you that he will let them sew his injuries, extract the fluids from a soar and do other complicated tasks without the help of tranquilizers. Most of us don't do this with our dogs. And there aren't many dogs that will submit to this hard chores without complaining. In fact, many owners despair when the time to take their dog to the veterinary comes, because they know that the dog will refuse at every moment. This dogs are the same to refuse to every medical examination, the ones who growl when their feet are touched or they try to take their temperature, the ones who refuse to take a pill and other necessary things to preserve its good health. And it mustn't be like that. Every dog can learn to stand examinations, brushing and other acts, without making an scandal. For it, they must learn some basic rules of obedience and to create a close relation with you, this way he will learn to trust you and other people. In brief, he will become in an ideal patient so much for you as for the veterinary.

Positive Caressing: One of the most important lessons that you can teach them is that the hands, being yours or from any other person, will not hurt them. That is why, veterinarian's recommend not to use them for hitting or scolding your pets, so they won't become afraid of them. The animals must know that approaching hands, being from anyone, have good intentions, because they mean to fondle, brush give him foot or to soothes him. This will help him become more receptive to the more annoying tasks, as is the examination, hair cut or the bandaging of a wound. When playing, don't use your hands in a violent way, nor let your dog do it. If he is led to think of them as a toy, he might bite them when disturbed, an other less appropriate occasions.

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