The Comfort of Home

A sick or seriously injured dog requires a veterinary. But if he suffers of lesser wounds or indispositions, home treatment will result cheaper and practical and it even help the dog to feel better sooner. "Your dog has more confidence in you than in anyone else". He is used to your touch, voice and to your way of treating him. He knows that if you are calm, he should be too. Then, if your dog is calm, he will let you do things that are unpleasant for him, such as to cut its nails, clean its ears or cure small injuries or scratches". In that case we will be less nervous than with and unknown person".

Another advantage for treating your dog at home is that, in sparing that trip to the veterinary, you avoid living an unpleasant experience". No matter how clean the air you breath there. The consults is full of objects and strange, unknown odors. To sick dogs any kind of agitations can provoke a great anxiety. Furthermore, on some occasions dogs have unpleasant recollections of past experiences and only by stopping at the veterinary one may bring them back. "This can make your dog non-cooperative."

Dogs feel more relaxed in a homely atmosphere, where simple procedures, as to bandage an injury, are less complicated. The reduction of stress has another advantage, since the tension and the anxiety can increase the cardiac rhythm and the blood pressure until his death. To tell the truth, stress effects can be almost as bad as any other disease. In long terms, the trust between your dog and you is translated in to an excellent health assistance.

The Power of Prevention: One of the best advantages of home assistance is that once you know what to look for, you will detect some of the problems much sooner than the veterinary. After all, the dog and you are together during most of the day and everyday, while your veterinary sees him a few times a year. You know best what is normal or strange in your dog. You know how happy he gets when you arrive home, how much he eats, sleeps, plays and how he walks. Due to how well you know him, you will be capable of detecting the most minimum chance that is produced on his aspect and in his behavior that might not be observed by the veterinary. A fast diagnosis is a crucial factor to avoid medical problems of less importance that could turn serious.

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