TOP 10 Symptoms of Dog Illness to Observe

Your dog might develop a dangerous disease. Generally those serious signs of problem are detected fast enough, but on other occasions, the problem takes more time in manifesting itself. For this motive, is good to know what is normal in your dog an what is not, this way you can detect any changes before an emergency can arouse. However, if you observe one of the following symptoms, go immediately to the veterinary:

  • Vomits with blood or persistent retching
  • If he is vomiting maybe he is suffering of an inflammation, that usually manifests rapidly and can be very serious
  • Sudden changes with food and water
  • These sudden changes may indicate serious problems as is diabetes
  • Fast loosing of weight
  • It may be a signal of cardiac failure. Diabetes or problems with the liver or the intestines
  • Any kind of hemorrhage, overall in the urine or the excrement
  • It can be a serious diseases or a traumatism
  • Important changes in urinating habits
  • Can indicate a renal deficiency, an infection or some kind of intoxication
  • Confusion, spasms or collapses
  • Any of these symptoms may indicate cardiac or brain problems, high blood pressure, hormonal disorders or ingestion of toxic substances.
  • Respiratory deficiency
  • It might be because of some strange body that obstructs the respiratory passages or a cardiac or lung problems.
  • Weakness, limping, lack of coordination
  • Indicates that your dog is suffering, you should take him the veterinary
  • Moans or sudden and persistent crying
  • Indicates that your dog is suffering, you should take him to the veterinary
  • Persistent diarrhea
  • Can indicate a serious infection, poisoning, stomach wounds, cancer or intestinal problems.
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