Touch Dog Carefully

When teaching your dog anything, even simple ones, in a constant basis, you will observe amazing results. Overall if it means teaching him to let himself be touched. The more you caress him, from head to tail, the more he will trust and appreciate his daily routine. It is good to begin with something simple. Most of dogs like to be fondle and being embellished is a prolonged session of being caressed with a comb or brush instead of with the hands. At first, pass the brush smoothly during some seconds. If he can keep still, and if the brushing is not prolonged you will succeed, pay him with a loving gesture. It won't take long for him to know that when brushed, it means that something good coming. Through the growing stage of the dog, or even if the dog is older, embellish him during a few minutes every day. Brush him, cut its nails, clean its eyes secretions. The more you touch him, the faster he will get used to it and, with time, the more he will trust in you.

Also it is a good moment to make his weekly inspection. Get your dog used to being examined the mouth, neck, loin, feet and other parts of the body. The dog must be calm during the 5 or 10 minutes that the process takes. It is very important to teach him to let himself be touched at the mouth. Mouth exams are part of the normal supervisions done by the veterinary, for which if the dog isn't used to being touched on the mouth since a puppy, later on it will be hard to attain. It shouldn't be hard to make the dog understand that mouth exams are not a saddening experienced. Start by opening its mouth little by little and taking a fast look to its gums and teeth. This will not be natural for some dogs, who will take a time in accepting this without growling. But it is worth it, because most of the home assistance, from teeth caring to the extraction or a wood splinter, implies putting your hand into its mouth. Maybe, the first time you put your hand into his mouth, he will fight and even bite you. Control your desire to tie him or to make him obey. By force you will only make your dog distrust you. Try to teach how to sit or lay down and let him do it by his own will.

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