Dog Urine Incontinence Treatment

Dogs are intelligent animals and learn quickly that he must urinate outside the house. When growing, the sphincters (muscle that controls the circulation of the urine) can loose part of its retention power. Without this "bag", Even the finest dog will start urinating inside the house and at bed. The incontinence is produced more frequently on female dogs that have been extirpated from it ovaries. The low levels of estrogens in female dogs can contribute in some way for the incontinence. Male dogs can also suffer this problem, overall on the first years of life. Veterinaries can prescribe medicines to end this problem. Incontinence can also be due to infections in the urinary tract.

This causes dogs to urinate with urgency without having time to go out of the house. Although any dog incontinence problem can be treated by the veterinary you can help your dog at home, by making him comfortable in many ways, here are some of the ways to prevent this problem.

Take Dog Outside: If you take him out for regular walks he will have less urine in the bladder, for which it will be less possible for accidents to happen. Dogs that have problems in retaining the urine may suffer from an infection in the urinary tract and have to go outside many times to urinate. Observe the signs the dog gives you when in need to urinate,. As to wait near the door or smell the rug. This way you will avoid accidents. Some dogs have to go out every two hours until the problem disappears. If he constantly suffers from infections. To have the bladder full is only good for developing noxious bacteria.

Encourage Him to Drink: Dog inclined to urine infections have to drink lots of water. The increasing of liquids serves to dilute and eliminate the bacteria the urinary conduits. Make him drink more water than usual.

Give Him Cranberry Juice: Cranberry juice adds some acid to the urine and avoids bacteria to multiply in the bladder If your dog won't drink it, mix it with his food or try to give him capsules of cranberry juice. Available at health food stores. Consult with the veterinary the dose to give him.

Buy Him Water Tight bed: A bed specially designed to minimize the inconvenience of a soaked dog bed. It's a good option for dogs that suffer from incontinence. This beds have a fabric made of a vinyl netting that is over an extractable receptacles. If your dog wets the bed, the liquid falls into the receptacle and the animal is kept dry. You can acquire this beds at the pet shops and by catalogue.

Put Diapers on your Dog: With time, the incontinence problems usually get better, to avoid accidents inside the house, a simple solution is to put him a diaper. The specially designed for dogs can be acquired at the pet shops. We can also use baby diapers making in them a hole for the tail. Change the diapers every day or each time they soak them. They can irritate his skin if you don't change them.

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