Eliminate Dog Fleas: Use Powders and Insecticides

On some occasions it is not enough with a good bath to get rid of the fleas; in the pet shops you can buy a great variety of powders and insecticides. Some contain piretrinas, which are very secure and effective. You can also use products that can contain at the same time insecticides (to kill adult fleas) and a "regulator for the growth of insects" (to eliminate the eggs). It's a kind of birth control for fleas. This regulator is usually present on the collars against fleas. If you use insecticides or powders, be sure that they don't get into the eyes ears, nose or mouth of the dog. To apply them to the face, pulverize the insecticide on a cloth and then pass it over the face. A practical trick to apply the powder to the dogs face is to put his head inside a pillow cover that contains already the powders inside. Shake the cover so the heads dog will be covered by the powder. Then brush the head for a better distribution and to eliminate the excess of powder.

Finish With the Next Generation: New products that are used for fighting fleas (program, frontline and advantage) and to apply on the skin are very effective. Program doesn't act on adult fleas, but it stops their life cycle and prevents its production. Due that it doesn't end with adult fleas, they usually combine it with other products. Frontline and advantage kill all the fleas. All these medicines are usually supplied once a month and in some cases they attain with the eradication of the problem.

Protection At Home: Fleas are very difficult to eliminate because, for each flea you find, there could be 100 or more on the rug, yard or bed. If you haven't finished with all the fleas and all the eggs, this will install themselves again on your dog and the problem will start all over. The only efficient way to eliminate this cycle is to treat not only your dog, but also all the rest of the animals that are in contact with him. You must also take care of the house and the yard. You must clean and fumigate your entire house and surrounding areas.

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