What is a Normal Dog Health & Behavior

One of the best ways to know if something is not well is to know what is normal and what is not. Being at your side, is a bonus because, you already have much information and if you examine him every day, you will know much more of a series of determined things about him. When cleaning its fur, brushing its teeth and hair, you may know what its state of health is. For example, if its gums are of a pink color, swelled and are acquiring a reddish tone or if you observe peeling zones on his body, you will know something is not right. Of course, the more you know your dog, the sooner you will be able to detect any existing potential problems. Immediately we present to you a step by step plan that will permit you to know your dog better.

Take him out for a walk for at least 10 minutes everyday. Put attention to the dogs dynamism and to the interest he shows for the world around him. For example, does he usually waste lots of energy when walking around the block, but suddenly one day he stops to rest?. He stops five times instead of one or two? Any change in his habits means that something is happening. Feed him at the same hour everyday. Your dog should eat everyday at the same hour and his appetite should always be the same. If he asks for more food or eats less than usual during a couple of days, he might be sick. Observe how much water he is consuming. To drink more or less water than usual tends to be an indication of a serious disease. The only way to know if his habits change is to know how much water he normally drinks. The doctors recommend measuring the water you put in the drinking receptacle. In this way it is easier to know how much he usually drinks everyday and if it is worth getting troubled for it. Know his habits. Does your dog always wakes up first and the first he does is to go and greet the family looking for love or attention? If he stays in bed long after the family gathers in the kitchen, something is happening.

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