What to Dog When Dog is Picky Food

Dogs are famous for eating anything you give them, but it's not always like that. Some are delicate by nature, they smell the food and, if they don't like it, they turn around and leave. Some like our food and won't eat dog food. And some dogs simply don't like what is given to them and are tired of eating always the same food. To not take notice of the food may also be due to the lack of interest of the owner that doesn't know the importance it has that his dogs eats. Each dog has a different capacity in his stomach. If you know how much your dog usually eats. Don't insist when he is no longer hungry.

A dog that weights approximately 2 kilograms needs about 250 calories a day, while one that weights 45 kilograms needs about 2,400 calories per day. Whatever the reason for which your dog is indifferent to his food, there are ways to make the meals hours a pleasant moment.

Here is some advice from the experts.

Find the Adequate Flavor: Sometimes a way to end with his refinement, is to give him food he likes some people are inclined for a determine brand of dog food without giving a thought to what his dog likes or not. If I had a boy that hated chicken and spinach, I wouldn't make him eat it. In place of that I would give him turkey and carrots. If your dog hasn't been showing so enthusiastic with his food, try to give him different foods. Make him try new brands or combinations until you find the ones he likes. Many dogs like to eat the same food every day, for which there is no reason to vary his food as long as he is happy with what he eats.

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