Akron Ohio Pet Store

As a clerk in an Akron Ohio pet store and a reptile lover I just wanted to make a case for owning reptiles. There are some advantages to having reptiles one of which is their small size, the low maintenance costs, and the fact that they are so practical. One of the most popular pet reptiles is the iguana. If you want to get an iguana make sure to go to the right places in order to be able to get veterinarian assistance. This is important, as it will avoid this reptile from going into extinction. If you need to carry your iguana, you need to make sure to be very careful that it does not bite, scratch, or whip you with it's tail. One of the most important things to ask yourself before you buy a reptile is where you are going to keep it.

Remember that these animals must have their comfort, feedings and the adequate environment to be able to develop properly. Some options on where to keep them and on how to take care of them are: In a glass container or in a fish tank with some branches, plants, rocks and water so that the reptile has a place to move around in and a place to protect itself in. Make sure to keep your reptile in the appropriate temperature. You should pay special attention to this when its cold. If you want to you could also keep him in a warm environment by placing a heater in the room. As is true with all animals, make sure that you always give your iguana a clean area to avoid it getting sick. Ask a veterinarian or pet store worker about iguanas eating habits, generally they are vegetarian but some of them like to eat certain insects.

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