Albany New York Pet Store

This guy working in an Albany New York pet store told me following about dog collars. He said that there are some things that should not be handled lightly and your dog is one of those things. Now it is one thing to get a cheap dog training collar if you are talking about a choke collar or pinch collar as these rely on the human handler for their efficiency and as long as the human is proficient in what he does the dog shouldn't have to many problems. Although I could even argue against these but my complaint is not with the non electric cheap dog training collar but rather with the shock and sonic variety.

Now we all know how the electric static shock collars work. They pick up the vibrations of your dog's vocal cords when he barks and give him a nasty little "static" shock right in the neck. Different models and manufacturers have different types of settings and you can find from 5 to 18 levels of shock treatment to be administered to your dog. Some shock collars deal out the "correct" level of punishment themselves giving progressively larger shocks if your dog continues barking. While other makes require the dog handler to set the desired level of zap.

The sonic model on the other hand sends your dog an ultra high frequency sound when triggered. Again there are both the automatic correcting variety and the handler controlled version. Now if you have a good reliable variety it could be acceptable to use these devices in extreme cases but if you try and chintz out with a cheap dog training collar you could put your dog's sanity at risk and is that really what you want to do?

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