Albuquerque pet store

At my friend's Albuquerque pet store I recently got two very lovely cedar wood doghouses for my black Lab and black and white street mix. My dog Mikey was a puppy when I got him but my mixed pet was already a precocious adolescent when he came to my home. My relationship with my has always been slightly distant and although we love each other, there has never been that extreme closeness that a dog and its owner can share. On the other hand Mikey and I are inseparable. He is a very intelligent dog and trains easily. Now the problem that I have is that when Mikey came to our household (as a puppy) may was already full-grown. He Mikey under his wing and treated him well. At that time I only had one wood dog house and not two. As Mikey began to grow I knew that it was only a matter of time before I would need to buy a second cedar wood doghouse. When Mikey became an adolescent I knew that I could wait no longer. So I bought the dogs new cedar wood doghouses. They both are happy with their houses and both before and now generally get along well. However as Mikey has been going through full-blown puberty and is now entering the age when he will be fully sexually mature Roxy is getting more aggressive with him. Roxy has always made sure that Mikey understands that he is the top dog in our house but since Mikey has become more sexually mature I think that Roxy sees him as more of a threat. Now Roxy is very aggressive with Mikey whenever he tries to play with him or other dogs. I hope that this phase passes quickly as it is hard for me to see Roxy being such a boss with Mikey but I also understand that the two dogs are going to have to work this stuff out for themselves.

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