Bakersfield California Pet Store

Whenever anyone purchases a bird at our Bakersfield California pet store we try to give him or her as much information as possible. Make sure to follow the advice listed below: As the owner of a bird, it's necessary for you to look at the attitude the bird has inside the cage; the bird should be active and lively, and it should be moving around all over the place. The feathers of the bird should be silky, firm, well adhered to their skin, and full. If you notice any bald spots, it could mean that the bird has external parasites such as lice. However, if you notice that the feathers are open, which kind of give the bird a round shape, it could mean that the bird has an infection. Usually the feathers need to be well positioned, always following the natural lines of the bird's body.

The excrement of the bird should be a whitish greenish color. It's also very important to protect your bird from mosquitoes in the summer time. If you live in an area that has a lot of mosquitoes it's important to avoid them from getting into the cage and area of your bird. Some people cover their cages with mosquito nets, which is a very good option. Mosquito bites cause very serious lesions on a bird's skin, and in the case of smaller pigeons or young birds, they even cause death. A bird's feet must always be kept clean, free of cuts and scabs, and make sure that its nails are kept at a normal length. A bird must always have water to drink and a bathtub area where it can bathe in whenever it wants to refresh itself. Our Bakersfield California pet store also offers as much hands on help as we can.

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