Bergen pet store

The corner Bergen pet store offers lots of stuff for the outdoors man. And since my dog is a retriever I knew that when I went looking for a bark control collar that I was going to need a good sturdy waterproof one. Well the Viatek super bark stop collar proved to be just the thing I needed. One of the first ever fully waterproof bark control collars. Micro Technology makes it 50% smaller than most collars available on the market! The Viatek super bark stop collar is an advanced behavior modification device designed to help train your dog to stop barking. For me it's great because it doesn't matter if I find my dog cooling off in a lake, swimming in the pool or playing in the rain, the collar's waterproof design is built to withstand the toughest use. With the Viatek super bark stop technology, you're dog will not only stop barking consistently and almost immediately but you also don't have to worry about the device becoming damaged because of a little or a lot of water. Not only is the device activated by the vibrations of your dog barking but you can set the correctional sound for both ultra high frequency (inaudible generally to the human ear) and a lower audible one. It has a one and a half kilometer range and changeable batteries.

Of course even with all of these great features I understand that the Viatek super bark stop collar is just that a barking controller and not a trainer. I also know that my dog cannot use this controller at all times so I am working on teaching my dog not only what he shouldn't do but also trying to reinforce his good behavior and reward him when he doesn't bark.

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