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Here at our Birmingham pet store some people really go to great lengths when it comes to providing their pets with luxuries. A friend of mine recently took a course on how to build a dog house. I am not sure why he wanted to learn how to build a dog house as he is no carpenter and I don't think that I have ever seen him build anything ever. Maybe he wanted to have a better understanding of what is important when your are planning on building a dog house. Something interesting that he told me after he had taken the course on how to build a dog house is that all dogs are believed to have descended directly from wolves. Obviously this is purported to have happened a long time ago and in fact according to my friend the domestication of dogs is now believed to have happened over a hundred thousand years ago.

Another thing interesting that my friend told me is how dog and human societies are so similar. Well at least how they were so similar when man lived in tribes and his main source of food was hunting and planting. Human society for the most part has changed so drastically from what it was even just a couple hundred years ago that dogs are finding it harder and harder to fit into our society. For example a dog's ability to bark was considered a valuable asset in times past but now we consider it a nuisance and have corrective collars to try and stop them from doing what to a dog is only natural. I guess my friend learnt a lot more than just how to build a dog house from his course and I am thinking about taking a similar course soon.

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