Boston pet store

When browsing through a Boston pet store I came across a very cute little frog and so decided that I would do some research into these amazing critters. The White's frog is a very gentle, laid back animal; it is said that it would take purposeful effort on your part to startle one. Unlike many of their relatives, they are not big on jumping, and will generally only do so when startled. One of their most intriguing acts is when they are eating; they stuff their food into their mouths with their front feet and seem to become all legs and elbows. They're an excellent frog for beginning keepers and even children, with help from their parents to oversee feeding and occasional misting. Originally from Australia, some of the first White's Tree Frogs were exported to the United States in the 1950s. In the early 1970s, these hardy frogs were back in the United States, where herp enthusiasts seized the opportunity to breed them. White's were commonly bred by a few top herpe enthusiasts in the late 1980s but seemed to disappear from the hobby until just a few years ago when breeding programs were reestablished with animals raised from the early days and probably from animals arriving from Australia illegally and from breeders in Europe. True White's frogs are still considered to be rare, but now they are appearing more frequently in pet stores like the pet store in Boston. Through copious defecation and the habit of smearing their mucous coat, a White's Tree Frog can dirty up its cage rather quickly. To keep the cage clean, misting daily can help, but once every week or two, mist the cage with purified or distilled water and wipe it down with a clean rag to get the mucous coat off of the side of the aquarium.

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