Buffalo Pet Store

I went into a downtown Buffalo pet store yesterday to find out about canine eye problems. What I found out is that dog's eyelids can actually be pretty problematic. Sometimes the eyelids will go inwards causing the eyelashes to rub against the eyeball, which in turn causes damage to the cornea. There are certain breeds that suffer from this problem more than others. In some cases, it is the other way around; the inferior eyelid hangs outwards, forming a "bag" that then fills up with dust. You may have noticed this problem in bloodhounds. Problems such as conjunctivitis and inflammation of the membrane that covers the inside of the eyelids and the exterior part of the visible part of the eye, are caused by infections, or from accidental lesion because of a scratch or by something getting into the dogs eyes.

The symptoms of conjunctivitis are reddening of the eye, tearing, blinking and secretions. A dog's cornea can also get damaged if the dog does not have enough tears or if they extend over the whole external surface of the eye. Dry eyes in a dog will look kind of dull and sticky, and it causes the dog pain. If the problem is in the cornea of the eye, it will allow the tears to go in and the dog's eyes will look kind of shadowy and bluish. Cataracts are hereditary in the case of some breeds; although the truth is that any breed is able to get them. In many cases when a dog has cataracts it means he has diabetes mellitus. Sicknesses that affect the eyes such as lesions of the optic nerve can occasionally cause blindness, even when the aspect of the eye looks completely normal. But the Buffalo pet store staff told me that a regular checkup at the vet will normally prevent these types of problems.

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