Charlotte North Carolina Pet Store

When I was employed at a Charlotte North Carolina pet store a friend of mine was having some problems with his dog Haley which in the end required me to suggest a dog training tool; the static electric shock collar. I had been trying to help him out by giving his dog some training lessons. Haley is a black Labrador mix and is intelligent to a fault. He had picked up the basic obedience commands with ease and I believe that he can learn anything anyone cares to take the time to teach him. He is a little on the sluggish side which I find very surprising from a dog that has any Labrador in him.

But beside this he has no really serious personality flaws for a puppy his age. So why would he need a dog training tool? Because even though he is such a wiz he has a dirty and health threatening habit that unfortunately is the fault of my friend Joseph. Haley loves to eat garbage. Whenever he can find it he immediately gets into it and that with gusto. Would you believe it when Joseph sees him he immediately tries to hit him and suggest to all to do the same. Last night in fact I found that Haley had chewed on an aluminum can and when I showed the chewed pieces of aluminum to Joseph he said, "just hit him" to which I replied, "No, it isn't his fault." Here was a situation with no easy solution. I needed to get Haley to stop eating garbage and get Joseph to stop punishing by striking his dog. In the end the only solution that I found to be feasible for both of them was to introduce them to the static shock dog training tool. I can't yet give you any good news but hopefully soon I will be able to recount a happy ending to this story.

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