Cleveland Ohio pet store

Walking into a Cleveland Ohio pet store I saw some huge spiders and found out that they were tarantulas. From the early horror movies to the nature films of today, tarantulas have captured the imagination of both seasoned invert hobbyists and the general public alike. Their slow, methodical walk, furry legs, and mysterious nature have produced for the tarantula an important place in the exotic pet trade. Tarantulas are known by various names across the planet and sometimes these names cause confusion in beginning keepers. Tarantulas are called tree spiders, baboon spiders, and other common names. The Antilles Pink-toed Tree Spider or Martinique Red Tree Spider is one of the most beautiful tarantula species kept in captivity! Because of its beauty this is one of the most popular tarantulas. It is known as the Antilles Pink Toed Tarantula, Antilles Pink-toed Tree Spider, or Martinique Red Tree Spider. Despite its looks however the Antilles Pink Toed is not as docile and easily handled as other species of the Avicularia genus, such as its cousin the Pink-toed Tarantula. This species of Avicularia is also a little more challenging to keep. It requires the unique combination of high humidity and lots of ventilation. This combination can be somewhat difficult to provide in captivity. This tarantula known as the Antilles Pink Toe Tarantula, Antilles Pink-toed Tree Spider, or Martinique Red Tree Spider is found in Martinique, off the coast of South America. The Avicularia genus is the most widespread group of spiders in the Americas and contains about 20 species. Though not necessarily for beginners or children most tarantulas available as pets are not dangerous, though you need to handle them with care and respect. There are actually no known tarantulas that are capable of killing people outright.

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