Columbus Ohio pet store

When I walked into the Columbus Ohio pet store I wasn't expecting to have my opinion changed. I had been a firm opponent of any type of anti bark dog collar until I came across the citronella bark collar. Now I am not saying that I think it is completely humane and I wouldn't recommend it to people who don't have a good understanding of dog training but in certain instances I believe it to be the best option. For starters I want every one to understand my feeling on anti bark dog collars. The reality is, how would we feel if our dogs made us wear a collar that every time we forgot to walk our dogs or feed them or change their water gave us a nice little shock! Ok so there are other options you say. Well yes we not only have a shock treatment version of the anti bark collar, we also have a version, which emits an ultra high frequency sonic shock. The pitch of the correctional sound is so high that nobody but the dog suffers. To paraphrase that disclaimer at the end of movies in which animals act, "no humans were hurt in the act of punishing their dog." The citronella bark collar is as I mentioned before not a full proof solution for anyone experiencing dog training or dog behavioral problems. However if used right the citronella bark collar can be a great aid in helping your dog to get over some deep rooted issues. Anything that can help your dog to learn quicker without causing him undue discomfort I believe is beneficial. Lets face it the longer your dog takes to learn something the more he has to endure. So if you can cut the amount of time to a minimum you are in fact saving the dog from more distress over all.

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