Denver Pet Store

I went to a Denver pet store because I had a serious problem with my dog barking incessantly. There I discovered the sonic bark collar and it saved my dog from what had become irreconcilable differences. When my new dog had been home for about two and a half months I noticed that he started barking more and more frequently.

At first I just figured that he would get over it as he became more accustomed to the neighborhood dogs, children, mailman and activities. However as time went on his barking problem became worse until I just couldn't take it any more. I considered giving up my dog to the local animal shelter because I just don't have the time to dedicate to training him. Then I one day I was reading about someone with a similar problem and they mentioned that the solution for them was an anti bark shock collar.

Well I just couldn't bring myself to even considering putting a anti bark collar on my dog that would shock him even if it is only supposed to be like the static shock you sometimes get when walking across a carpet. Then I heard about the sonic bark collar that works by emitting an ultra high pitch sound. The sound is such a high frequency that humans for the most part can't hear it. But to the dog the noise is distracting and unpleasant. The vibrations in my dog's neck activate the system that I chose, when he starts barking. At first the correctional sound is low but if my dog continues barking then the device sounds again but at an increased volume. This continues until my dog stops barking at which point the device deactivates. So far I have had great success with the sonic bark collar and would recommend it to anyone concerned with using the shock collar.

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