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If you have puppies you can get them their food at the pet store. As a puppy grows, he needs to learn and get used to facing new people, other dogs, other animals etc without feeling insecurity. This process is more commonly known as socializing. Starting from when a puppy is four to eight weeks, he must start to socialize with children, adults (male and females), and if possible, with other pets as well. It's also important you introduce a puppy to different types of sounds such as the television, radio, washer machine, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher etc. This is why it's important to pick a reputable breeder that is conscious of the importance of touching and showing a puppy as many different types of experiences as possible when they are still living with their mother. The most confident and secure dogs are those that have been raised around the normal atmosphere of a family.

At around fourteen weeks of age, puppies become more untrusting and apprehensive about new circumstances. In nature this attitude is probably due to the need to take caution and be careful since this is the age where they started becoming adults and living as such. To avoid conduct problems in the future it is essential the puppy has benefited from the most amount of socialization as possible before reaching this critical age. There are a lot of dog owners that wait until the puppy has reached adulthood to only then start training and teaching them, however by then it is either too late or difficult to handle. Puppy hood is in essence the most decisive age for the dog's education. Dogs that do not benefit from good socialization turn into excessively shy adults who are fearful, not easy to train, and in some cases, belligerent.

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