Fort Worth pet store

This guy I know that owns a pet store in Fort Worth is really into bizarre pets, like ticks and fleas. Tick is a common name for members of a group of large arachnids parasitic that live on mammals, birds, and reptiles. Ticks are actually a specialized group of mites and share many features with other mites. All ticks are bloodsucking parasites. Ticks are found in most parts of the world but are generally limited to those habitats frequented by their hosts such as, woods, tall grass, and shrubby vegetation areas where they climb onto plants and wait to jump onto the next unsuspecting host. The adult tick has a mitelike body with a tough skin and four pairs of clawed legs; tick larvae have only three pairs of legs. The mouthparts consist of a paired anchoring organ, or rostrum, covered with backward-curving hooks and a pair of sharp mandibles that move back and forth in two longitudinal channels on the rostrum. Their grasping forelegs allow them to climb on a host. They quickly find a protected spot on the host's body, sink their mouthparts into the flesh, and begin to feed. When full, they drop off the host. In some species, adult males and some nymph stages do not feed. The adult female lays a single large batch of eggs after her final meal. The American dog tick is perhaps the most familiar North American hard tick. Another important species is the deer tick, which is known to transmit Lyme disease to humans.

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