Grand Rapid Pet Store

When in a Grand Rapid pet store and looking at cats I was reminded of what I had learnt in veterinarian school. You have only to look at cat's ears to realize that they have an incredible sense of hearing. Cats use their ears to detect their prey and they are able to hear rodents that are hidden under the ground because they can actually hear their ultrasonic screeches, which are sounds that humans are not able to hear. When cats are born they cannot hear, however they very quickly become capable of finding their mother and brothers by the purrs and noises that they emit. Cats are capable of perceiving a large range of sounds. They are able to hear very sharp sounds that humans, and even dogs, are not able to hear. With loud sounds, their perception is probably similar to humans, although they always seem to manage to find and locate things quicker than we do. Once you bring your cat into your home, you will be able to realize just how sharp its sense of hearing actually is. You will notice this right away if you open up a can of food in another room, if your cat is not sleeping, it will be there right away. Cats are able to move their ears in many different ways. If you stop to study a cat you will notice how they perk their ears upwards a lot. They can also move each ear individually, and they can even swivel their ears against their head. A cat expresses its mood a lot by the position its ears are in, even more so than what the cat is actually hearing at that moment. The people in the Grand Rapid pet store also told me that although some cats are born blind it doesn't stop them from leading happy and active lives.

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