Greensboro Pet Store

If people come into our Greensboro pet store with dog barking problems we try to give them as much information as we can as we all know dog's bark and sometimes bark too much. One of the best products on the market at present to help your dog with his barking problems is the citronella dog bark collar. The greatest advantage with the citronella dog bark collar is that it uses a completely harmless chemical spray. Although the dog finds it disconcerting it is not injurious. The spray works well because not only does the dog smell it but he also sees, feels and hears it. The idea behind the citronella dog bark collar is that it distracts the dog from his set reaction of barking. Every time your dog barks he reinforces his bad habit of barking. So even though the citronella dog bark collar doesn't teach your dog what is the correct response to a given situation it does help to stop this vicious cycle. It is of course not recommended to leave the anti bark collar on your dog for extended periods of time nor do you want to use this collar with a puppy younger than six months nor a dog suffering from psychological problems. The other anti bark collars available on the market are the static shock and sonic units. Shock collars attempt to reduce barking with pain. In addition to being less effective, pain may increase anxiety and aggression and make some behavior problems worse. And, although the pain caused by ultra-sonic collars is not as severe as with electrical shock, behavior experts observe only one-fourth the success rate as with the citronella bark control collar. The smell of citronella is not disgusting to humans but it is very unique and unusual to the dog and this is really what causes your dog to stop barking as he want this smell to go away.

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